Hymenopus coronatus

At this sites you will find a lot of information about praying-mantids, e.g. keeping & breeding instructions, many described species and much more...
After a long break we will update these sites in a while (11/2013)


2012/11/19: Eremiaphila braueri pictures of ooths added
2012/11/06: Odontomantis planiceps pictures of ooths added
2012/11/06: Kongobatha diademata pictures of ooths added
2012/11/04: Hierodula majuscula pictures of ooths added
2012/11/04: Archimantis latistyla pictures of ooths added
2012/10/03: Blepharopsis mendica pictures added
2011/11/18: Acromantis formosana added
2011/05/08: Available updated
2010/08/11: Changed Steffis name + removed some small bugs
2010/06/26: The contact-form is now working after some bugs fixed
2010/06/21: Available updated
2010/06/20: Navigator-Bar added
2010/06/19: Help-/Hintsystem added

Phyllocrania paradoxa
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